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Background of ED Parent Support:

Family-based treatment for adolescent eating disorders has been found to be effective. However, the process of administering this treatment is likely to be stressful for parents/caregivers. Eating disorder caregivers have reported that attending a support group with other parents/caregivers who share similar challenges caring for an adolescent with an eating disorder would help to reduce feelings of isolation, provide an opportunity to share experiences, and offer advice and reassurance about how to cope with the person in their care. Internet-delivered interventions offer several advantages including ease of use, accessibility, convenience, time-efficiency, and anonymity.

Therefore, the ED Parent Support study is being offered to provide parents who are using family-based treatment for adolescent eating disorders with an opportunity to participate in support group sessions in an internet chat room. Support will be provided to parents by parents who are involved in family-based treatment for eating disorders and by a therapist.


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ED Parent Support